HYAProf Skin Care System

The HYAProf  skin care system is the new high-quality cosmetic line of BioScience.

The valuable ingredients hyaluronic acid and acetyl hexapeptide provide the regeneration and hydration of photo-damaged and aged skin and has a firming effect.

The composition helps to prevent the skin aging and is a perfect complement and care after aesthetic intervention with dermal filler.



HYAProf Concentrate 7ml

Hyaluronic acid   0,9 %

Acetyl Hexapeptide Solution 15 %

The concentrate  is used in regions with pronounced wrinkles (e.g. around eyes or mouth).


HYAProf Skin Care Serum 15ml

Hyaluronic acid   0,9 %

Acetyl Hexapeptide Solution 10 % 

The smooth gel promotes the regeneration of the skin


HYAProf Skin Activator 15ml

Hyaluronic acid   0,85 %

Acetyl Hexapeptide Solution 10 % 

The light cream provides intensive care and leave a velvety finish

Product Application

The HYAProf skin care system is intended for daily treatment of the facial areas like forehead, around the eyes and cheeks, the lateral nasal folds and mouth.  

The smooth texture is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and leaves a velvety Skin.

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