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Hyaluronic acid and the advanced thixotropic technology (ATT)

Hyaluronic acid (HA) has been used in medicine for a long time, and over many years has been proven to have an excellent safety profile. HA, in its natural form, remains in the tissue for only a short amount of time, because of enzymatic degradation and free radical metabolization. To avoid these effects, HA is modified, through crosslinking, to form a water-insoluble polymer hydrogel. This hydrogel is more resistant to degradation, but has a similar biocompatibility to non-modified HA. A specially designed cross-linked HA gel property of becoming less viscous under pressure (injecting force), and returning immediately to the original viscosity when the pressure (injecting force) is no longer being applied, is a characteristic of a system (advanced thixotropic technology = ATT technique) exhibiting a decrease in viscosity with an increase in the rate of shear, usually a function of time. BioScience GmbH has developed a manufacturing process that allows this special type of cross-linked HA gels to be synthesized. This gel's molecules are covalently bonded, meaning it remains in the tissue for longer and is more stable. The special structure of these thixotropic HA molecules also reduces the diffusion rate of the enzyme hyaluronidase into the matrix. As a result of this crosslinking technique, a smooth, homogeneous gel is created.

Advanced Thixotropic Technique

Hyaluronic acid has been used in medicine for a long time. In its naturally occuring form, it has only a short life in the tissue.

Therefore, a method was developed to manufacture medical products, which has resulted in a water-insoluble polymer gel that is more resistant to the enzymatically controlled degradation of hyaluronic acid.

The so-called "Advanced Thixotropic Technique" is based on a special manufacturing process for hyaluronic acid gels. Here, covalent bonds are created that ensure greater stability and thus durability of the product. These gels become less viscous under increasing pressure. This allows them to be injected with thinner needles than conventional gels. This effect also allows gels with larger particles to be placed directly in the joint.

Raw Materials

For our medical products, we use only hyaluronic acid from reputable manufacturers.

This high purity hyaluronic acid is of non-animal origin and is obtained through biofermentation. This avoids potential foreign protein reactions, which can occur in hyaluronic acids from animal sources.

Every batch of a medical product is tested by an independent laboratory for its endotoxin content (according to the Pharm. Eur. LAL test) and brought to market only when it is verifiably endotoxin free.

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